Pass Plus

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What happens on the course?

Pass Plus courses are
administered by the
Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency
part of the
Department of Transport

Pass Plus is an
Advanced Driving Course
for drivers to improve their
skills and drive more safely

The D.V.S.A. licence all
Pass Plus Instructors throughout
England, Wales and Scotland

Gain valuable driving experience safely

You will be taught Motorways, night driving, rural roads, town centres, all-weather driving and much more. . .

Build on your existing skills

It can take years to become a skilled driver. PASS PLUS helps get you there by speeding up the learning process under expert tuition

Reduce your risk of being in a crash

The course will help boost your awareness of all kinds of hazards and help you learn how to anticipate, plan for and deal with them safely

Boost your confidence

If you feel nervous driving on your own, the PASS PLUS training can help you become more confident on the roads

Give peace of mind to your loved ones

PASS PLUS consists of six practical modules which cover driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways.

Official D.V.S.A. certificate

You will receive you official certificate from the D.V.S.A. In around 10 working days

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Claiming your Pass Plus insurance discount

You will normally receive your Pass Plus certificate from the D.V.S.A.
in 10 working days

…as a result of taking Pass Plus

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